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What is Co-Governance

A Maori and a non-Maori co-own a $1000 car. With democracy, they put in $500 each to make the purchase. They wash the car together, pay for the registration, warrant, and maintenance together, and have equal time driving it.  They also have 50/50 ownership of a car park. All the expenses connected with the car park are shared equally.Then the Maori wants to change from democracy to co-governance.

With co-governance, the Maori suddenly claims 100% ownership of the car and the carpark.  He insists the non-Maori continues to wash the car, pay for the registration, maintenance and warrant.  The Maori gets to drive the car whenever he wants. The non-Maori only gets to drive it when the Maori is not driving it AND pays the Maori a fee every time he uses it. He also charges the non-Maori an on-going fee for parking the car on the car park. When the car is sold, the Maori takes all the money.

If the 83% NZ sheeple (i.e. the non-Maori population of New Zealand) are ready to cede rights and submit to the ultimate authority of a 17% Maori minority, being pushed through illegally, they should at least do so after studying a clear explanation.

As Winston Peters says, co-governance and democracy are absolutely different.

Maori politicians deliberately use terms like “tweaked democracy” or “sophisticated governance” to muddle and confuse the public.

Don’t buy into it. Keep firmly in mind the story of the $1000 car.

Co-governance replaces democracy by a system which redistributes political rights and powers.


It reduces the rights and powers of the 83% non-Maori population and gives those rights and powers to the Maori elite  – perhaps less than 1% of the population – with power of veto giving them ultimate  power.


There is a small team of us who are planning a tour of New Zealand starting mid January 2023.
The purpose of the tour is to raise awareness of the danger of co-governance, and to gather political support to stop it.
We would like you to help us….
Register to bring the tour to your City / Town / Suburb

Together we CAN Stop Co-Governance

What We Stand For

One person, one vote. All votes have equal value.

One law for all. One Flag.

All ethnicities are equal.

Stop apartheid.

Stop special favours / handouts for Maori.

One Health, Justice, & Education system for all.

Our country is New Zealand, not Aotearoa.

English is the main language.

Stop forcing Te Reo.

We are all Kiwis, not Maori and the rest.

Launch a Royal Commission to investigate Treaty fraud & corruption.

Repeal all race based legislation.

Take out all the Maori preference clauses from the RMA.










Our Latest Video

Julian Batchelor speaking Warkworth Town Hall, September 2022

New Zealand is at War, fighting for democracy and freedom, against tribal rule.

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Why Co-Governance Should Be Completely Rejected?

Co-Governance Promotes Apartheid & Racism

Co-Governance Is Based On Treaty Fraud

Co-Governance Is Destroying Democracy

Co-Governance Is The Reason Te Reo Is Being Forced On The General Population

Co-Governance Is The Reason That An Attempt Is Being Made To Change The Name Of Our Country From New Zealand To Aotearoa

Co-Governance Is Threatening Free Speech

Co-Governance Is Threatening One Of The Pillars Of Democracy Which Is “One Law For All.”

Co-Governance Is Causing Deep Racial Division

Co-Governance Is The Reason The Media Has Been Corrupted

Co-Governance Is Damaging To Maori

Our Children Are Being Brainwashed Via The New History Curriculum

Compulsory Use Of Maori Language In Schools Is Putting Ideology Before What’s Best For Children

Iwi-Based Businesses Have A Very Substantial Tax Advantage Over Other Businesses

Via Co-Governance, Radical Maori Now Turning To UN Declaration To Plunder NZ…Again

Weak Politicians To Blame For Allowing Coup By Maori Elite

A Powerful Video!

Winston Peters: Co-Governance is not Democracy

The following speech was given at the UnifyNZ Public Meeting by the Right Honourable Winston Peters on August 21st, 2022 in Warkworth.



Metaphorically speaking, if Co-Governance Is Allowed To Roll On, New Zealand Is Headed For A 9/11 Experience

9/11 was a dramatic and tragically sad event.

I often wondered what it was like for the passengers on those hi-jacked planes as they headed for the twin towers, which was, as you well know, where their flight ended.

How many on board became aware of what was about to happen before it happened? How soon before?

New Zealand is just like one of those suicide planes, and the people of New Zealand are like the passengers on board.

Many are waking up to the reality that the plane they are on is not going where it’s supposed to be going.

Even more are becoming aware, as their journey progresses, that their flight is not going to have a good ending.

A growing number of New Zealanders sense that if Co-Governance and the Maorification of New Zealand is not stopped, our nation will have a twin tower experience. Not literally, but metaphorically.

Intuitively, they know that if someone doesn’t wrestle the controls from the hi-jackers, this is going to end badly. What’s worrying, is that they are 100% right.

Co-governance is a serious political problem. Inform your friends and neighbours and post on your social media networks.

Stop Co-governance Tour, Invercargill to Cape Reinga!

Step Up, Get Involved!

 We will help you every step of the way including providing flyers and advertising material.

We’ll organise the sound system, data projector and all that kind of thing. We just need a place to speak and people to speak to! There will be Q and A time, and it DEFINITELY won’t be boring! The meeting will be about 1.5 hours maximum.

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A Letter from the Board

Hi everyone who has signed up to this website! Thank you for your support.

I am not representing any political party at this point.

I will support the Party which most clearly states in its policy that it is going to completely end every aspect of co-governance, and, if elected, repeal all race based legislation.

We have a lot to do between now and the next election and if we are to succeed with stopping co-governance, then we are going to need to build a strong team.

We only have one chance. If Labour wins the next election, New Zealand as a nation is finished.

I could do with a dozen helpers right now! Administrators, web developers, financial controllers, marketing gurus, proof readers, social media guns, strategists, call centre manager,…the list is endless.

Have a great day, and thanks for your support.

Julian Batchelor
Julian Batchelor M.ED (Hons), B.Th, Dip.T’ching

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