What is Co-Governance?  


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 What is co-governance?  

A Maori and a non-Maori co-own a $1000 car. With democracy, they put in $500 each to make the purchase.

They wash the car together, pay for the registration, warrant, and maintenance together, and have equal time driving it. 

They also have 50/50 ownership of a car park. All the expenses connected with the car park are shared equally.

Then the Maori suddenly wants to change from democracy to co-governance.

With co-governance, the Maori claims 100% ownership of the car and the carpark.  

He insists the non-Maori continues to wash the car, pay for the registration, maintenance and warrant. 

The Maori gets to drive the car whenever he wants.

The non-Maori only gets to drive it when the Maori is not driving it AND pays the Maori a fee every time he uses it.

He also charges the non-Maori an on-going fee for parking the car on the car park.

When the car is sold, the Maori takes all the money.

If the 99.5% NZ sheeple are ready to change from democracy to co-governance and submit to the ultimate authority of a .5% elite Maori minority, being pushed through illegally, they should at least do so after studying a clear explanation. 

As Winston Peters says, co-governance and democracy are absolutely different.
Maori politicians deliberately use terms like “tweaked democracy” or “sophisticated governance” to muddle and confuse the public.  

Don’t buy into it. Keep firmly in mind the story of the $1000 car.